Victor Franko Died For Your Sins


Back when music videos meant something…

Deep Space Destructors - Beyond the Black Star



John Oliver

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Artist: Elf Power
Track: Never Talking to You Again
Album: Nothing’s Going To Happen
Label: Orange Twin
Year: 2002

Covers Friday!!!

Originally performed by Hüsker Dü.

Elf Power

Anatomy of Songsby John Atkinson

Anatomy of Songs
by John Atkinson

Back when music videos meant something…

Splodgenessabounds - Two Little Boys



A Chili Day in August
8-tracks mix


by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla
Lettering by Jack Morelli - Coming from Archie Comics on July 23rd.

Here’s finally a full preview at our AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #6, the issue that will make everyone aware that this is not simply a “zombie” book :)
This was easily one of the most FUN book I’ve drawn, and one I am the most proud of - can’t wait for you guys to dig in. It’s RObert and mine love letter to all things LOVECRAFT : you’ll see :)

Head over to CBR where this preview debuted for more preview pages from the creepy new series SABRINA (out in October, by Roberto and Robert Hack) and some commentary from Roberto himself about what’s coming next.


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Artist: The Shangri-Las
Track: Dressed in Black
Album: He Cried b/w Dressed in Black 7”
Label: Red Bird
Year: 1966

What this world needs is for the entertainment industry to create another overwrought, melodramatic girl group who would sing songs about heartbreak, death and incipient insanity the same way that The Shangri-Las did.  Well, maybe not the same way, this is the 21st Century after all.  Perhaps they could incorporate a gong player.

The Shangri-Las

The Food Chain

The Food Chain

Back when music videos meant something…

Skeletonwitch - Bringers of Death


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